Master Grade Display Base

$50.00 - $70.00
Master Grade Display Base

Take a Stand on a Master Grade Display Base!

Display your gunpla kit on a base that's just as much of a detailed craft as they are! Why settle for a basic base?

Made from the finest wood, the Master Grade Display Base is a full 2 inches wider than the standard Action Base 4. This provides a sturdy base for even larger kits like the Sazabi and Kshatriya!

Each base comes with your choice of Gundam emblem engraved into the top, creating a unique display stand to match your unique kit! Don't see the emblem you want? Send an email and let us know how you'd like your base customized.

The Master Grade Display Base's mounting holes are fully compatible with Action Base 4 stand components. Don't want mounting holes in your base? Let me know in the checkout notes! Only want some of the mounting holes? Please use the hole chart in the image gallery and let me know in the checkout notes which mounting holes you'd like.

Only holes E and H, please!

At no extra charge, we will customize your display base with the name, scale, and grade of your kit! These details will be added in 1/8" lettering at the front of the base, letting every keen observer know what you've chosen to display. Please provide this information in the checkout notes!

RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex"
1/100 Master Grade

MS-06S Zaku II
1/144 High Grade